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Posted by CITY FAMILY DENTAL on Jun 16 2021, 07:41 AM

When we think of pampering ourselves, we usually think about getting a massage, having comfort food, and maybe enjoying a long bath. While all these are great self-care tricks, may we suggest adding dental care to them? 

In this blog, Dr. Iyad Atwal at City Family Dental & Implant Center in Modesto, California, shares a few simple ways to achieve excellent oral health and pamper yourself at the same time.

What Is Oral Health? 

According to the World Health Organization, more than 3.5 billion people are affected by oral diseases. These issues have a huge impact on your oral health, which is much more than just an attractive smile. 

Oral health encompasses your ability to speak, smile, express emotion, and eat. Oral diseases not only cause discomfort, they also impact your work performance and self-esteem. 

According to a UIC College of Dentistry study, oral health is connected to other medical conditions. Oral problems like gingivitis and cavities put other parts of your body at risk too and may cause neurodegenerative conditions, cardiac problems, diabetes, stroke, and more. 

The good news is that, with simple dental care, oral problems are largely preventable. 

What to Choose From the Dental Aisle for Great Oral Health? 

Dental care doesn’t need to be mundane. Here are some exciting ways to make your next visit to the dental aisle a fun and rejuvenating experience: 

  • Upgrade Your Toothbrush 

The rotating and oscillating movements of an electric toothbrush are more effective when it comes to removing plaque. It allows you to exert measured pressure on your teeth and is a great way to massage the gums. 

  • Add Mouthwash to Your List

If mouthwash isn’t a part of your daily oral hygiene routine, it’s time to start thinking about using one. An ADA-approved mouthwash helps prevent tooth decay and gingivitis. Your dental aisle is sure to stock options such as antiseptic, anti-plaque, antimicrobial, and antibacterial mouthwashes. 

  • Shop for a Waterpik

Instead of flossing, you now have the option of using a water flosser or Waterpik. It uses high-pressure pulsations of water to help prevent and reverse the effects of gingivitis, especially in hard-to-reach areas. It is also ideal for people who wear braces or bridges.

  • Get Teeth Whitening Products

Nothing uplifts your mood more than a bright and clear smile. To get those sparkly pearly whites, choose some teeth whitening strips or a whitening toothpaste during your next store visit. 

To learn more about dental care, call (209) 554-1700 or visit City Family Dental and Implant Centre at 1317 Oakdale Rd Suite 310, Modesto, CA 95355. 

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