Dental Fillings in Modesto CA

Dental Fillings in Modesto CA

Cavities are one of the common dental problems that almost every people face in their daily life. Cavities are caused due to the microbial action on the teeth due to lack of care given to oral health, irregular brushing, flossing of teeth, plaque formation, dry mouth, and certain foods. Cavities can put one's entire oral health at risk and can ruin the aesthetics of your smile. It can be treated with a simple process called a dental filling. 

How are cavities formed?

Cavities are formed as a result of the excessive microbial activity in the mouth. If oral hygiene is not taken care of properly, the bacteria in the mouth can feed on the left food debris and release harmful acids that can erode the enamel. Over time, the microbes will enter the deeper layers of the tooth and cause decay and cavities.


Dental fillings are the easiest and the best way to restore a cavity infected tooth. They restore both oral functionality and aesthetics, thereby preventing the need for tooth extraction.

A dental filling involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth and filling the area with a filling substance.  Dental fillings usually require a single visit to the dentist's office and can also be carried beneficial for patients who have a broken tooth, cracked tooth, or a tooth that has been worn down.


Initially, your dentist examines the tooth area that needs to be treated. By using a local anesthetic, the dentist numbs the surrounding area of the tooth, and with the help of an air abrasion instrument or the laser, he removes the decayed part of the tooth. Following this, the area for filling is prepared by cleaning the area and removing the bacteria present there. The dentist then applies suitable filling to the decayed part to protect the tooth and prevent it from further damage. 

Different types of fillings are available, such as gold, porcelain, silver, and amalgam. The place of tooth decay plays a significant role in choosing a particular kind of dental fillings. 

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